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Narrative Features

 Our Story… Since before the charter was signed in Wilmington, NC, there have been humans being sold. Not long after the charter in 1739, a myth was created. A secret group, men and women alike who would steal slaves and send them north to freedom. During the Civil War, it was rumored they used weapons on plantation henchmen to move human beings along the Underground Railroad. During the race riots of 1898, it was thought they would come to the defense of the African Americans being attacked by whites.  Black business owners and Black City Officials were slain in the streets and yet, these anti-heroes never appeared. Some say they disappeared. Some say they were part of the mob. Through the years, they faded into folklore. When Alex Abraham returns home for holiday break, she hears tell of the daughters of two prominent families in town that have been kidnapped. Her father, well known attorney Jakob Abraham tells her who is investigating the case. Alex knows this cop is dirty and these girls will be ignored. Her Grandmother gives her a nudge to do her own investigation. A long time myth is brought to her attention. When she learns the myth is real, she meets the new members of the group with a storied past. What she doesn’t know is how close to home this group of anti-heroes are to her history. Welcome to PROPHETS…

Written by J.R.Rodriguez, 

a Tobbot Films Production

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