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Remember Yesterday is being released Feb. 14th, 2023 on multiple streaming platforms! Written and directed by JR Rodriguez and produced by Jonathan Landau(The Devil's Stomping Ground) starring Jana Allen and Adrian Monte.

I was the costume designer and key makeup artist.

jenny 40's_Film1.jpg
directed by J.R. Rodriguez
Jenny breakup scene_Film1.jpg

Did you ever think you would get a second chance? Did you think you would get two? J.R.Rodriguez weaves a love story that spans over 25 years and takes place in Wilmington NC, where it is being shot. The huge theatre community in Wilmington is one of the characters, as is the remnants of North Carolina's film production.

On the left is "Jenny" at the current age of 30-something; on the right is "Jenny" at age 25.

3 boysFilm1.jpg
Little SelmaFilm1.jpg
John 40's_Film1.jpg
Young JohnFilm1.jpg

On the left is "John" age 30-something; on the right is "John" at age 25.

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