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This costume is the culmination of 

several months of development for Joel VannFuller. Mr. VannFuller is a photographer who is in the beginning stages of story development that will ultimately end up as a film. Drawing upon African folklore around Mami Wata's, the Dogon tribe near Mali, and ocean plastic, VannFuller's inspiration creates new and compelling imagery about our own impending demise. By 2047 oceans will have more plastic than fish. As of right now it is almost too late.

ashley 1Film1.jpg

The collar  was made using my eco-printed textiles,fishing net, and dried live oak leaves. He also wore a fishing net  as pants with an eco-printed and dyed silk loincloth.

Fishnet skirt and top studio view (2).jp
Fishnet skirt and train.jpg

The top and over-skirt are silk eco-printed and dyed with leaves, iron water, and natural dyes. The underskirt is a real fishing net, weights and all. The skirt also has a train that was used as a shroud.

Ashley elephant ear_Film1.jpg
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